Carmen Ferries

Associate Architect

organized, reliable, hardworking, honest, friendly, creative, bilingual, believer, family-oriented, tennis player, dog lover, beach fan, proud mom, happy wife

I was born in Venezuela, and I grew up in a small town in a big family. I enjoyed the never-ending summer weather, going to the beach, and outdoor sports all year round.

When I was young, my dad hired a talented architect to design our family home. The house had high ceilings, beautiful finishes, abundant natural light, and a beautiful integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. I was always fascinated with how the spaces would change depending on the time of the day and how the light changed with the movement of the sun. I understood at an early age how space affects your mood in so many ways, and this is what made me want to study architecture.

I went to school at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) in Caracas where I got my degree in architecture. After graduation, I left Venezuela in search of a safe life and more stable future. I am lucky to have chosen Atlanta as my “safe place” and there has not been a day in which I have regretted my decision. Although my country will always have a significant part of my heart, Atlanta has become my beloved home.

I have been lucky to work on many diverse projects ranging from residential to high containment labs. I like to use the tools I have learned and apply them to the different types of projects that I am fortunate to work on, and I was drawn to Vickers Design Group because of its wide variety of project types.

When I’m not working, I’m with my husband and my two daughters (and two dogs and two birds) doing creative family projects, crafts, and relaxing. I like to go to the beach, play tennis, travel to new and favorite places, and enjoy time with my extended family.