Emma McMillan

Marketing Coordinator

thalassophile, surfer, Floridian, foodie, cat mom, hiker, environmentalist, adventurer, Scandinavian, old soul

Another Florida native at the firm, I grew up on the Space Coast (where NASA is) spending my days surfing, cleaning beaches and watching the rockets go up. Moving to Atlanta was a big move for this small beach town girl, but I enjoy every bit of the inclines and real rocks that Georgia has to offer. I figured out that I loved marketing when my boss at my job in the local surf shop introduced me to it and let me oversee the marketing for the shop. I love the creative side of it all, and I am apparently a great salesperson. My parents always said I could sell ice to an Eskimo.

So, I headed off to Atlanta with my now fiancé to seek more job opportunities than a surf shop could offer. By God’s will, and knowing a few people, I landed at Vickers Design Group for an interview. I immediately knew that I would be challenged and could put my talent and experience to good use. (It also helps that I am a Gator fan.) When not working, I love to hike with friends, find a body of water or hang-out with my cat.