Jaemi Hynes

Associate - Director of Special Projects Group

beach grown, NYC expat, silver lining seer, wine + craft beer enthusiast, foodie, explorer, local hiker, amateur photographer, scuba diver, sailor, proud mom of a wild child, unproven Seinfeld trivia world champ

Growing up military, I moved a lot—Hawaii, Boston, San Francisco, Augusta, Melbourne (Florida, that is). I often felt like an outsider. But that was okay. It afforded me the luxury to watch life, to question things, to process the world with a unique lens. This is part of what makes me the designer I am today. I graduated with a liberal studies degree with three minors—Studio Art, Criminal Justice and Humanities. Go figure. I attended the University of Central Florida, one of the largest schools in the nation, but they lacked a design school. I was not dissuaded. I took classes simultaneously at a local design school studying AutoCAD and hand drafting and cut my teeth post-graduation as a Design Assistant. Next up, the Pratt Institute for a master’s degree in interior architecture and design, where I then worked for Viserius Studio focusing on hospitality, restaurants and international work.

Heading south, I landed at C+TC Design Studio. Now, I’m rooting for the Vickers Design team. Inspiration comes from life, nature and travel. With a vigilant eye, I seek the details, questioning how or why something works, taking note of patterns and movement. With clients, we start with their vision, distill a concept and birth design from that concept. Collaboration reigns, and that’s how I like it. I love pushing myself toward the discovery of unexpected growth. That’s why I travel, scuba dive, sail and cook (when time permits). And it’s rare you’ll find me without Molly, my furry partner-in-crime.