Kristi Lewis

Senior Interior Designer

explorer, coffee lover, Jesus follower, avid reader, concert goer, dedicated, driven, creative

I was born and raised in the Athens area, and I’m a proud Georgia-native. As a child, I spent Saturdays rearranging my childhood bedroom, dragging around my heavy furniture, and experimenting with different layouts. I loved repainting my walls to my new-found favorite color, and I was constantly asking for new decorations and accessories.

It wasn’t until arriving at Georgia Southern University (Go Eagles!) that I realized my passion for interior design had been building for years. As a fresh college graduate, I was excited to get to work in Atlanta’s commercial design industry, and I started my first job focusing on landlord work. I loved it so much that I never looked back.

With over a decade of Tenant Improvement experience, I began looking for new growth opportunities. This search brought me to Vickers Design Group, and I am excited to learn and grow with this talented team.

In my free time, I enjoy catching up on my reading, visiting the local coffee shop, and exploring new places around town.