Sarah Keithly

Interior Designer

quick-witted, minimalist, listener, planet-saver, Harry Potter enthusiast, military brat

After growing up in the Washington, D.C. area, I moved to Alabama to pursue a design program at a top-accredited school and was introduced to a little thing called “college football.” I graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. I was then hired as a junior designer for Vickers Design Group in 2016, and I have been perpetually growing as a thinker and a team member ever since. Through designing millions of square feet, I have found a passion for understanding the sociology of the workplace, balancing form and function, and pushing clients to embrace fun design moments in the office.

I joined IIDA early in my career, making great friends and connections, and I have loved advocating the value and accreditation of the interior design profession. I have an equal appreciation for the built environment as I do for the natural one, and I have an enthusiasm for all things design, including graphics, museums, and stories of revitalization.

While away from my desk, I enjoy nature trails, mountain trips, puzzles, boutique workout classes, absorbing too much pop culture, and dining al fresco.

IIDA Georgia Chapter – Board Member 2015-2021

IIDA Georgia ZeroLandfill Event Chair, 2019-2021

GAIDP – Board Member 2021-2022