Sarah Vaillancourt

Senior Interior Designer

horse lover, football fan, mom, art enthusiast, charcuterie board addict, adventure seeker

Growing up in Florida, I was always a daddy’s girl. I loved spending weekends and afternoons after school with my dad in his upholstery shop. You could find me making buttons, color-coding fabrics in his library, and learning to sew at a young age. I completed my first sofa at age 11, with my dad’s help (of course)!

Following in my late father’s footsteps, and our shared love for design and history, ultimately led me to pursue a career in interior design. I attended the International Academy of Design and Technology. Here, I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design before going on and receiving my Master of Science in Historic Preservation from the University of Colorado.

Since graduation, I have had the honor of working on various residential and commercial projects including restaurants, nightclubs, retail spaces, and historic properties. With my educational background and love of travel, I have developed a great understanding of architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary, which allows me to add a unique flair to every space I design.

After spending the last eight years in California, I decided to move my family back to my southern roots, leading me to Vickers Design Group. I look forward to being back in the south and designing with such a talented team.