Project Highlights

The Distillery of Modern Art started as a warehouse and Vickers Design Group converted to a distillery, tasting room, art gallery, and event space.

Copper is used to accent the space and unite the different areas. The distillery portion is a square that is rotated 45 degrees so that it breaks the grid and becomes a feature element no matter where you stand in the tasting bar or event space. As the heart of the business, views into the still room are visible from almost every space, and you feel like you are right inside the distillery. A copper corrugated screen transforms the building envelope to modernize and create the appearance of a whole new building. Careful attention was taken to understand the experience of visitors to the space, and the stages of tasting spirits were used as design inspiration.

While there is a designated gallery space, the entire space was designed with the idea in mind that it could all be used to display art. Each space is inspired by specific modern artists; Mondrian in the orderly, grid-like gallery, Rothko in the tasting bar, and Kandinsky, which is the event space, inspired by organized chaos.