Project Highlights

The goal of this project was to create a daycare facility that adheres to the Kids Learning Academy brand standards while incorporating local elements of the city of Chamblee.

Therefore, design elements emulate the rolling hills of the countryside and the cross-ties of the railroads. To directly connect these two concepts, the ceiling is painted blue with the end of the corridor painted green to give the feeling of being out in the dairy fields, and featured decorative lighting was chosen in the shape of railroad crossing signs. Way-finding throughout the building incorporates signage similar to Chamblee’s street signage. When entering the grand piazza, the atelier room is centralized in the space. The walls of this room were designed to reflect silos as found on dairy farms.

While most of the finishes reflect the Kids Learning Academy brand standards, the uniqueness of the interior architecture and the designed millwork incorporates Chamblee’s history into the overall design of the daycare.