Project Highlights

The Commodore is an upscale, full-service barbershop. The business was opening its third storefront in 2021 and wanted to be in an area with a small-town feel that could support the higher-end, concierge business it offers. The chosen building, located in Roswell, was a small, first-generation suite.

Going to the Commodore is about more than just getting a service, you are becoming a part of an exclusive experience. The owner is passionate about creating a “lifestyle” around the Commodore brand and wanted to have the sleek feel of a high-end retail space.

For this sleek and modern look, we wanted to use the raw elements of the building structure, including the floor, columns, and open-to-structure ceiling. To maximize the space, the final design shrunk and reoriented the barber stations. The stations were aligned in a straight line in the center of the space to maximize the circulation and locations we could core for power. The retail space, which provides a light shopping experience with shoes and apparel, is visible from the outside of the building to help draw more people inside. The barbershop also has an active waiting/ lounge area with a pool table and beverage counter to round out one’s experience at the Commodore.

See the Commodore at the Westside Provisions location.