With its ideal location near the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail and Ponce City Market, this 5,500-square foot structure needed a facelift to transform the formerly vacant retail building into a new boutique space along Ponce de Leon Avenue that caters to the active millennial generation.

Following a structural inspection that revealed an unstable foundation due to settlement and historically poor framing and roof joists – and a car crash that destroyed the façade, Vickers Design Group worked hand-in-hand with the structural engineers to identify solutions that included underpinning the rear wall, reworking roof supports and refacing the building – while preserving the building’s character and overall integrity. The storefront was returned to its original size, and the rear entries were updated with new decking and an ADA-approved lift.

Pontoon Brewing partnered with Vickers Design Group to create the first microbrewery in the City of Sandy Springs.

The 12,000-sq. ft. space includes a 10bbl system, associated cooler, lab, and storage, as well as expansion space for future canning line and barrel aging. The taproom of the brewery is minimalistic and very functional by design. Renovating the existing restrooms in their existing location provided a less expensive alternative to relocation. The open taproom allows for multiple bar locations as well as larger areas for events.

Vickers Design Group was tasked with converting a vacant warehouse space into an industrial loft office.

Highlighted by two barrel vaulted bays with exposed steel bow trusses and a wood roof deck, the building had surprisingly good bones and just needed a little TLC to help modernize and refresh the exterior. The design consisted of adding multiple new and enlarged storefronts, a new roofing system with skylights in the middle bay, and an abstract paint concept to make the whole thing pop.

Vickers Design Group was tasked to create an environment for start-up tech companies to “build something from nothing.”

With an intense client visioning session, we transformed an empty Office Depot shell into an investment fund and innovation hub at the center of Technology Square. Within the clean industrial setting, various sized “offices,” conference rooms, inspiration rooms, and a break area provide a co-habitational environment that breeds collaborative and innovative tech start-ups.

The Distillery of Modern Art started as a warehouse and Vickers Design Group converted to a distillery, tasting room, art gallery, and event space.

Copper is used to accent the space and unite the different areas. The distillery portion is a square that is rotated 45 degrees so that it breaks the grid and becomes a feature element no matter where you stand in the tasting bar or event space. As the heart of the business, viewpoints were designed to be visible, and you would feel like you were right inside the distillery. A copper corrugated screen transforms the building envelope to modernize and create the appearance of a whole new building. Careful attention was taken to understand the experience of visitors to the space, and the stages of tasting spirits were used as design inspiration.

While there is a designated gallery space, the entire space was designed with the idea in mind that it could all be used to display art. Each space is inspired by specific modern artists; Mondrian in the orderly, grid-like gallery, Rothko in the tasting bar, and Kandinsky, which is the event space, inspired by organized chaos.

Vickers Design Group was hired to transform a nondescript warehouse into an inspirational private gym complete with three basketball courts, a weight room, wind sprint turf, upscale locker rooms, and a private office.

The driver was to push the typical gym design envelope and incorporate personal and company branding in a non-ostentatious solution by converting an existing 1973 warehouse into a space that meets today’s building codes and lifestyle standards.

Vickers Design Group transformed a partially demolished vacant building into an efficient office and warehouse for the largest European producer of textile floor coverings.

The building, sitting in disrepair for more than 10 years, needed extensive forensics and ingenuity to create a structurally sound, water-tight envelope for Balta’s team.