Vickers Design Group was hired to design a facility that reflects Elekta’s innovation and forward-thinking commitment to cancer care solutions.

The design included a world-class training facility complemented by an inspiring lobby and customer experience center showcasing Elekta’s history and engineering advancements in oncology. The biggest challenge of the project was installing a three million-pound bunker on the ground floor of an existing 11-story office building to accommodate a fully functional linear accelerator. The upper floors contain a large board room and office space for employees with modern finishes and an open floor plan.

Impact Cryotherapy is the leading distributor of cryosaunas in the United States.

After completing the firm’s corporate office, the design team was tapped to design the first retail location. The space accommodates a multitude of therapy treatments as well as a conference room and showroom. The cool-toned color palette and oversized graphics were inspired by the company’s logo and playful marketing.

The goal of Team Rehab is to create a welcoming and spacious environment where a physical therapist can treat patients safely and efficiently in a group setting.

One of the challenges for the Roswell location was the existing skylight in the middle of the space. Since it provided so much natural light, we decided to keep it and align the ballet bar wall with this feature. This helped create a space for the workout equipment and treatment tables on the opposite wall. The open-to-structure ceiling makes the space feel much larger. However, clouds are dropped above the treatment tables to create a more intimate setting. Touch-down stations are attached to existing columns for note-taking while treating. To create a modern feel, the walls and ceiling are neutral. To activate the weight area, accent paint lines with an accent wall perpendicular to the area are integrated.

Georgia School of Orthodontics provides high-quality treatment and state-of-the-art practices in orthodontics.

GSO wanted to improve its amenity spaces for the Sandy Springs campus to reflect the high quality of its treatment areas. Uninviting break rooms were transformed into large, relaxing spaces with luxury finishes, modern lighting, and refined textiles.

Therapyland is the largest, most advanced all-inclusive pediatric therapy center in Georgia. It offers ABA, OT, PT, ST, feeding, and AAC device evaluations and treatment.

Vickers Design Group designed its first location and is also involved in the evolution of its second facility. The design is very functional in nature. The interior is created like a carnival and includes a parent’s lounge, sensory room, music room, and real-life skills center with a working laundry mat, grocery store, and teen lounge. An internal courtyard houses an outdoor activity environment that maintains privacy.