Red Hare Brewing Company is an independent microbrewery located in the heart of Marietta, GA. In August 2011, Red Hare started selling craft beer throughout the state of Georgia and in 2012 became the first Georgia craft brewery to can its beer. Vickers Design Group was charged with helping renovate the existing tasting room to improve the customer experience while enjoying Red Hare. The expansion included a new brew house, lab and 90bbl fermenters, all in a new pre-engineered metal building structure. Another building was added to the rear of the existing building for dry storage. The tasting room was gutted to expose the building structure for a more industrial aesthetic that further complemented the custom-built, reclaimed wood furniture and partitions.

Vickers Design Group partnered with Tin Lizzy’s to renovate one of its locations. The exterior renovations included removing the existing bays of the store front, installing an aluminum garage door to open the space and modifying the existing awnings to create a new feel. Interior modifications included refinishing the hostess area, redesigning and expanding the bar area, simplifying the existing columns, and creating a new back bar to match the Tin Lizzy’s aesthetic.