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Another Florida native at the firm, I grew up on the Space Coast (where NASA is) spending my days surfing, cleaning beaches and watching the rockets go up. Moving to Atlanta was a big move for this small beach town girl, but I enjoy every bit of the inclines and real rocks that Georgia has to offer. I figured out that I loved marketing when my boss at my job in the local surf shop introduced me to it and let me oversee the marketing for the shop. I love the creative side of it all, and I am apparently a great salesperson. My parents always said I could sell ice to an Eskimo.

So, I headed off to Atlanta with my now fiancé to seek more job opportunities than a surf shop could offer. By God’s will, and knowing a few people, I landed at Vickers Design Group for an interview. I immediately knew that I would be challenged and could put my talent and experience to good use. (It also helps that I am a Gator fan.) When not working, I love to hike with friends, find a body of water or hang-out with my cat.

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At Vickers Design Group, I’m the resident girl with accent. Born, raised and educated on Long Island, I never imagined I would land in the south. But here I am, and I am glad I came. Don’t get me wrong—I miss beach, bagels and pizza, but I have taken a fancy to southern lake and poolside living. And I am proud to be (almost) the only team member to bring the north into this southern equation. My first intro to accounting came in high school. After graduation, a junior accounting position in a mid-sized corporation sealed the deal on my career. With an accounting degree from Long Island University, I embarked on a 10-year path in corporate accounting in New York. Then, my husband and I decided to relocate to the “country” or otherwise known as Atlanta.

Here, I worked as an accounting consultant for 11 years, which is how I met Vickers Design Group. I take charge of all things accounting. Think jack-of-trades when it comes to finance and HR—ready to dive into special projects, suss-out profitability and keep things compliant. A self-starter, I strive to take on responsibility and lift off burden, so team members keep doing what they do best. I bring years of experience to the table every day with a smile. I’m happiest in the summer, staying active outdoors with family and friends. I work hard and enjoy life, with a go-with-the-flow attitude that exudes happy.

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“Where did you go to school? Florida? Ugh.” That is usually the reaction I get working in Atlanta closer to Dawg Country than Gator Nation. (It hasn’t been a bad run though…) I admit I am a bit out of my element having grown up in West Palm Beach. What are these things called seasons, why is the dirt orange, and why does everyone only go to Destin to go to the beach?? I have since figured some of these out.

Being the son of an architect, I guess I only have one person to blame for my professional calling. Or should I say thank. I started my career in Orlando working on, of course, Disney projects as well as the International Airport, then migrated North and dabbled in multi-family. The next step was running a branch office for a Florida firm in Atlanta (see the trend here), until finally the good lord knocked some sense into me, and we started off on this great new adventure.

When I’m not on the golf course networking and “developing business,” you can find me on my bike, running or swimming with my fantastic wife and kids.

Registered Architect in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky & North Carolina
NCARB Certified
Sandy Springs Conservancy – Board Member 2018
NAIOP – Board of Directors 2014-2020
Big Trees Forest Preserve – Board of Directors 2009-2014