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I grew up a local in Lawrenceville, GA. As a child, some of my favorite activities were swimming, building Lego sets, and playing Super Mario Brothers. Ever since I opened my first Lego set, I’ve known that I love the construction field. So when I took an Engineering Class at Mill Creek High School, it further supported my thoughts. While in high school, I also interned for four years at Lawrence Design Group and learned the ropes of computer-aided design.

For college, I ultimately decided on Mississippi State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in architecture. During this time, I was allowed to visit so many incredible places including Dublin, Rome, Venice, Tokyo and many more! My time traveling both in the States as well as abroad has not only changed the way I view design now, but it has also inspired me to learn other languages. While in college I also worked as an intern at Seay Seay & Litchfield Architects in Montgomery, AL where I learned building information modeling and started my path towards architectural licensure.

After graduation, I decided to come back to my roots in Atlanta. My love for architecture is what inspires me to continue learning more about sustainable design, new urbanism and revitalization. These days (when I’m not studying for the ARE) you can catch me traveling, at the lake or running the nearest marathon.

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Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, I spent most of my upbringing going to parades, eating crawfish and biking through the city. I also spent a lot of hot, humid summers watching my dad utilize his carpentry skills to build houses and maintain historic buildings in the French Quarter. That is probably what subconsciously inspired me to enter the world of design. I attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture.

I always had a love for the outdoors, new adventures and traveling. But I never thought I would leave Louisiana until I met my wife. Moving to Atlanta would be a challenge since my average commute in New Orleans was 10 minutes; but I decided to take the risk for an awesome job and love. So, I got married, went on a honeymoon, packed up my whole life, and headed to Atlanta; where I launched my career at Vickers Design Group. I am happy to call Atlanta home and be a part of the team!

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Growing up, for as far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a lawyer. In fact, it was a common saying of my parents that I “…would argue with a rock,” though I preferred to characterize it as “healthy debate.” But upon entering my senior year in high school, with college applications looming, I decided law was no longer in the cards, and it was back to the drawing boards for me – literally. I’ve always had a passion for art and problem solving, and so while the decision to study architecture seemed arbitrary at the time, in retrospect it’s impossible to imagine that I would have taken any other path.

Growing up in a family of Alabama fans, the UGA pull was never as strong for me as it is for most who grow up in metro Atlanta, so it was to the North Avenue Trade School I went (or Georgia Tech for those not in the know). It was there, in the heart of Atlanta, that I gained an appreciation for all things built-environment, which I then parlayed into degrees in both Architecture and City Planning.

I’ve been fortunate to work on projects ranging from a couple of hundred to upwards a million square feet, across numerous project types and around the globe. But I’ve always felt that my skills and knowledge would be best suited to make a positive impact on my own neighborhood, which ultimately led to me joining the Vickers team.

When I’m not hanging out with this crew, you’ll likely find me hanging out with my beautiful wife and daughters or hiking a local trail – preferably both.

Registered Architect in Georgia
NCARB Certified

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“Where did you go to school? Florida? Ugh.” That is usually the reaction I get working in Atlanta closer to Dawg Country than Gator Nation. (It hasn’t been a bad run though…) I admit I am a bit out of my element having grown up in West Palm Beach. What are these things called seasons, why is the dirt orange, and why does everyone only go to Destin to go to the beach?? I have since figured some of these out.

Being the son of an architect, I guess I only have one person to blame for my professional calling. Or should I say thank. I started my career in Orlando working on, of course, Disney projects as well as the International Airport, then migrated North and dabbled in multi-family. The next step was running a branch office for a Florida firm in Atlanta (see the trend here), until finally the good lord knocked some sense into me, and we started off on this great new adventure.

When I’m not on the golf course networking and “developing business,” you can find me on my bike, running or swimming with my fantastic wife and kids.

Registered Architect in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky & North Carolina
NCARB Certified
Sandy Springs Conservancy – Board Member 2018
NAIOP – Board of Directors 2014-2020
Big Trees Forest Preserve – Board of Directors 2009-2014