Project Highlights

After ten years, Salesloft launched its rebrand in 2021. With a new logo, color palette, brand story, and messaging, Salesloft needed its space to match its new look.

Salesloft rebranded from vibrant blues to a sophisticated hunter green, symbolizing its growth, ambition, energy, and potential. The company’s new logo and typography combine a feeling of confidence with a touch of humanity. Salesloft also uses a pattern of dashed lines to represent each of its customers’ paths to success. We incorporated these elements throughout the design of the space.

We also moved the reception area to the 24th floor. In the reception area, we added an arch to highlight the arched windows on the top floor of the building. We also utilized warm walnut accents that create the Atlanta skyline at the lobby reception. There is also a hybrid all-hands space, expanded break lounge, more cozy corners, and residential touches for employees to enjoy. We also utilized the latest AV technology throughout the space to welcome customers and highlight employees.

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