Vickers Design Group worked with a confidential digital technology company in Sandy Springs, Georgia to bring its work 2.0 vision to life.

Continuing the flow throughout the building, color tones extend from the first floor to the second floor that includes a break room and kitchen area, focus huddle rooms, as well as large conference rooms with TVs for group presentations. The focal point of this floor is the bridgeway that connects both sides of the office. The wooden slats above with hints of green gives the space a sense of openness and flow in a closed area.

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A law firm on a high-growth path, Robbins Ross Alloy Belinfante Littlefield — the Robbins Law firm — purchased a 16,000-sq. ft. building in the heart of Midtown Atlanta with a vision to create a sleek office that welcomed clients.

Vickers Design Group approached the building that once housed a construction company from the outside in. A clean exterior palette with a single-color sign “pop” sets the tone at the drive that continues with a simplistic entry. A lit portal frames the reception area and creates accessible drama for all visitors. Neutral tones put the client’s artwork on display as a true show-stopper throughout the space.

Strategically located of I-75, within a few miles of Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport, this project consisted of a concept design and feasibility study to transform an old auto repair shop, turned auction house, into a driver support center for Lyft drivers.